Monday, September 12, 2011

DIY: Fall Flower Centerpiece

Today I'm linking up over at One Artsy Mama for the "Falling for Crafts Challenge."  This week's theme is centerpieces and I couldn't resist the creative opportunity to bring some fall cheer into our home.  I was determined to not spend money for this project, so I went to my craft box/treasure chest yesterday and brainstormed.  I had tons of tissue paper, seed beads, and pipe cleaners among other random goodies (note to self: organizing the craft box=future project).  My only hope was to make some tissue paper flowers. You know, the kind I made in 4th grade for my mom for Mother's Day. With that figured out, I stole a flower pot from my baby's nursery decorations  then busted out my elementary school skills and went to town. They turned out lovely, I think!

Here's a super easy tutorial for you if you didn't get to make them in 4th grade.

Tissue or crepe paper in various colors
Twist ties or floral wire (These are better, but I used thread because I refused to go buy anything. It worked)
Pipe cleaners
Flower pot


1.  Stack 5-6 sheets of 4"x 10" pieces of tissue paper and fold them accordion style.
2. Tie in the center of the folded paper.
3.  Cut edges into points.  You can also make rounded edges for various shaped flowers.
4.  Open the accordion, and pull the layers (gently) up towards the center to shape the flower.  Make sure to get every single layer for a fuller flower.
5.  Do step #4 until you get this!

I stuck pipe cleaners on the back through the thread for stems and glued seed beads to the flower centers for an extra dose of charm.  You could also alternate the color of tissue paper for each flower for more visual interest. 

I love the way they turned out--so vibrant, cheap, and easy!  A perfect little centerpiece for our new vintage trunk.

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Debbie said...

Gorgeous! And looks quite simple to do. Will have to scan the tissue aisle next time I'm at my art and craft store. Thanks for the idea!

Gabby said...

This is such a great diy! I used to make coffee filter flower clips similar to this.

Stopping by from FTLOB! Following your blog now :)


Stela said...

They sadly didn't teach us this in fourth grade so I'm pumped to finally know! Haha
Very cool centerpiece!

Terry said...

This turned out really nice. I love the colours that you used.

Amy said...

How fun and festive! You did a great job. :) I'm loving it, and I'm so excited that you linked up at my Fall Craft glad that it inspired you to create.


Sophie A. said...

Aww, you're too sweet!! Thanks you for visiting my blog and the follow :) Capernaum home is a lovely name. I like your blog too! It makes me wanna get married and have a child too which I'm looking forward too! You run three companies? Wow, what are they! You also have a beautiful family! Your follow button isn't showing but 'll try the other way. Feel free to respond back on my blog...sorry this is so long...I'm working on shortening these!

Just Jaime said...

Pretty! Great idea!

Nali said...

Oooo, very pretty!

xoxo, Nali

P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a new follower :)

Sarah said...

ABSOLUTELY GENIUS AND BEAUTIFUL! I have been looking for something fallish to put in my scarce apartment :) Cannot wait to try it out!!

The Betty Project said...

I am so glad I ran across this post! Since moving to Okinawa it has been so hard to get "fall flowers" since well.. we have no fall lol.. and I miss it dearly. I have been looking for something like this lately so I will have to try this one out! So cute :)

Stopped by from FTLOB :) Have a great week! :)