Thursday, October 20, 2011

Small Business Month: Hindrances

On Tuesday I wrote out my goals for Capernaum Vintage. Today the link up challenge at Three's 4 Me is to identify hindrances in acheiving those goals.  Here we go.

1.  TIME.  Seriously, where does it go?  Like everyone feels, there just aren't enough hours in the day.  I always tell myself I'm going to work on my shop, but as the day goes along I find myself consumed with cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and working on websites for the hubs.  I love my role as a SAHM, but there is always something that needs to be done and my lil' business takes a back seat. (I'm also in the process of opening a SECOND etsy store for handmade goodies which equals time. More on that later.)

2.  Advertising.  Lacking big time.  The only place I do it is right here.  If my shop was out there more, it would probably bring in more profit.

3. Creativity.  Hitting a brick wall on this one right now.  I'm wanting to design a logo for a banner and business cards, but all my creative juices are being zapped with designing the aforementioned websites and new handmade etsy store.

4. Motivation.  I'm sort of embarrassed to admit this one.  Somedays I just don't FEEL like working on it.  After performing all my other duties, the last thing I want to do is pull out boxes of inventory from the (unorganized) closet, iron the clothes for pictures, take the pictures, take measurements, upload/edit/post pictures, and put everything back in the closet. Makes me tired just thinking about the task.  But can I expect a business unless I do the work?  In unison now, a big resounding "NO!" And I better suck it up, because my goal of posting 5 new pieces of inventory is due TUESDAY.

5.  A MOBILE 7 Month Old.  Ahh yes, the babe.  He gets his own category, because he is such a huge part of my everyday life.  Before I go further, let me say I love him to death, so there is no confusion. :)  He just slows me down when it comes to getting stuff done.  I give him something to sit and play with quietly, he crawls everwhere. I fold the laundry, he unfolds it.  I change his wet diaper, he poops in it 10 seconds later.  I put him down for a nap, he wakes up before I can blink. On and on. Basically your average 7 month old.  What would I expect really?  Nothing else.  It's just a fact of life right now and trying to manage it is a challenge.

Tired of my excuses, err I mean hindrances?  Me too.  Ready for solutions? Me too. I just don't have 'em in concrete yet.  But now that I know my obstacles, I will be able to make steps towards overcoming them.  Already have some churning in my head.

Good stuff. Sure loving Small Business Month!


Liz @ said...

i'm so excited to see what you have for your handmade etsy shop. and, i completely understand the whole 'motivation' issue. i make headbands for my shop and i struggle to want to drag everything out and make a huge mess... just to have to clean it up again. i think i need a 'craft' room. :)

Ashley@Heart2Heart said...

I love how you laid out your hindrances so specifically so that now it will be easier to overcome them! I can relate to most of those so when you find a solution, be sure to let me know! :)

Camille said...

aah yes, good old motivation. i wish i could be full of it every day, but many ha.

i hope you can get past your hindrances!

cheers :)

Latoya @ The Scott's Crib said...

I love some of the pieces in your shop! You have just about the same hindrances that I have so I totally relate. Email me...I think I can help you with that advertising:)

~ Dellah ~ said...

So I just started reading your blog today, and I am a fan after 2 posts! Although i don't own a small business I totally understand your hinderences. I just told my hubby i needed some 5 hour energy mixed with my hot chocolate. Being a SAHM of two rambunctious boys 6 and my youngest will be 1 next friday (he's a hot mess, I found him trying to french kiss the dog today and he tried to throw all the plastic bottles out of the recycling) it gets kind of hectic. I created my blog to keep "me" alive while i deal with my reoccuring Crohns disease flare-ups, being a grad student and a wifey and trying to enjoy everyday in Nyc. My advise is stay the course, believe it can get done, everyone asks how i do what i do, and it just has to get done and sometimes (like today) you'll have a burst of energy and get a lot accomplished and sometimes you'll have to take a step back and leave it for another day. Hahah people who know me would raise an eyebrow if they saw this. Wishing you the best keep moving forward!

Three's 4 Me said...

I know I'm totally late to comment, but I wanted to tell you that I relate to every single one of these! It's tough! Especially with the little one, because I'm sure one of the main reasons you have launched your business is to be able to spend as much time with that little guy as possible, but sometimes it's just difficult to do it all! Anyway, such a joy to read!

beckaboots said...

This is so tough! I can't imagine how hard it is to start up a business while being a SAHM. I'm thinking about posting some items on easy but I'm sure I'll have similar issues in all of these areas. Good luck with staying motivated.

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