Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Morning Coffee 2.4

Recap of this week:

1. I'm halfway done with this pregnancy! Yep, 20 weeks and feeling great. It's crazy how much faster this pregnancy is going compared to my first. I know it's because I'm busy busy busy working on web designs for Grant, plus chasing around and picking up after Ashyr all day. Anyway, I had an appointment on Wednesday with my midwife--everything seems to be going well. The heart beat was nice and strong and my tummy is a growin' as you can see. I'm much bigger at 20 weeks with baby #2 than I was with Ashyr. And baby #2 will have a known gender and name on Monday when we have our sonogram, so excited to find out!

2. Ashyr started standing and climbing this week. He now climbs into the laundry basket, his baby bath tub, onto the couch, and anything he can hoist lil' leg up onto. Grant and I have so much fun watching our monkey!

3. Lastly, yesterday I had a birthday...26. Ugh, so not excited about getting another year older. I know I'm young, but once I turned 25, I have dreaded the whole aging thing. At least I was treated special on my birthday--roses, out for pizza, fondue, clothes shopping (new maternity jeans--yes!), and antiquing. Looking forward to going out with friends today and spending more time celebrating with my boys tonight.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and see you next week for some more Valentine's day inspired posts!


Camille said...

you are looking so great!!

we have started watching our little moo move all's so entertaining. haha.


The Planet Pink said...

You are so adorable! I love baby bumps! And Happy birthday!

A party and A HALF said...

First time at your blog and I have to say I have to follow because I am intrigued at the idea of having a midwife. Congratulations on being halfway done! You look great!

Allison Downes said...

You look great!

Found you in the blog hop new GFC follower, hope you will follow back!

lori said...

hey! i found your blog on hollie takes notes!

you are such a cute pregnant lady! ahh you find out the gender tomorrow. so exciting!!

i understand the aging thing. i just turned 25, and it feels SO much older than 24... im kinda over the aging thing, too ;)